Santa Maria de Ceiça is an abandoned monastery. The book starts with its foundation in 1175, continuing to the guardianship by the Cistercian order, through to the period of dissolution of the religious orders (1834) and onto the present day.


It also includes images of the architectural decay and describes the traditions and festivals associated with the monastery.


The authors are passionate about saving the ruined monastery from further decay.

A Forgotten Medieval Monastery

- Santa Maria de Ceiça


This book highlights the historical importance of the Portuguese Monastery of Santa Maria de Ceiça. A 1200 year old abbey.

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Maria Rosa Anttonen lived in Angola, Seiça (Figueira da Foz), Lisbon, Maputo, Nacala and Beira in Mozambique, Sudan and Finland.


In Maputo, Mozambique she was awarded with the Ilford Photography Special Prize .

Whilst in Finland she published the book “Mathapa” both in Finnish and Portuguese. She also had a Photography exhibition on Mozambique, in Hameemlinna, where she was awarded the third Prize of the Photography Association of Hameenlinna.


Other photography awards and exhibition participation are:

Third prize - VIII Salão Nacional Fotográfico e VII Ibérico. Participation in the photo exhibition “New Art”, Figueira da Foz. Collective exhibition “The Museum at night,” Figueira da Foz. Solo exhibition “The Human Footprint” FozPlaza, Figueira da Foz. Collective Exhibition “Convent of Santa Maria de Seiça” in CAE, Figueira da Foz.


President and Founder of the charity SMS-Associação dos Amigos do Convento de Santa Maria de Seiça.

Margarida Medlam began photography when she lived in England, where she participated in several group exhibitions organized by Muswell Hill Photographic Society.


She likes photographing mysterious places and tries to capture the history of the past, bringing that history back to life.


Margarida currently lives in Figueira da Foz, Portugal. She was co-founder of the GAFA Project (group of amateur photographers). With GAFA she participated in the “Seiça, The Forgotten Monastery” photographic exhibition; publisher and co-author of the photography books “Wanderings” and “Alicerces”.


Currently she is the owner and CEO of GlowBooks, an eBook publisher and App development company.

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