A & AS Level Differentiation

A/AS Level, for Edexcel & AQA Syllabuses

This Self-Contained App, offers a number of tutorials covering the Differentiation (ie Calculus) section of A and AS Level Mathematics, for both Edexcel and AQA Syllabuses.

The examples and quiz questions are to support the teaching from Sept 2017 onwards, for exams in May/June 2018 onwards.

Whilst it is assumed that you have undertaken classes in Maths and thus understand the basic principles, this App details all the appropriate steps for each section.

The App includes Examples and Quiz questions. Each quiz includes a complete walkthrough. We cover the subjects in a traditional "chalk and talk" style, showing the working and talking through the method. We believe this audio and visual approach to improve recall and understanding of the subject.

This App covers:

  • Introduction to Differentiation
  • Differentiation from First Principles
  • Differentiating Polynomial Functions
  • Calculating the Tangent Line to a Function
  • Calculating the Normal Line to a Function
  • Determining Maximum, Minimum and Points of Inflection
  • Product, Quotient and Chain Rules for Differentiation
  • Differentiating Exponential Functions
  • Differentiating Logarithmic Functions
  • Differentiating Trignometric Functions
  • Differentiating Implicit Functions
  • Differentiating Parametric Functions
  • Linking 2 Variables Via the Chain Rule
  • Creating Differential Equations