This story tells the adventure of Joey, a hippo who loves nature. One day whilst walking in the forest, he encounters a group of monkeys, all very hysterical due to a large fire that has broken out.


Joey outlines a plan to save the forest and teaches that we must unite to defend our environment.

 Joey the Hippo

Children's Picture Book


A fire starts in the forest and Joey the Hippo saves the  animals and the forest from burning down.

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Helena Roso is a Portuguese author who lives in Figueira da Foz, Portugal. She is a Social Worker and considers children to be the most precious thing in the world. She is also an accomplished painter and illustrator. Mother of three, Helena is a dreamer and is constantly striving to reach her goals.


“Joey The Hippo” is Helena’s first translated book. The original book, “O Juca Hipopótamo”, was published in Portugal in 2013 and the Portuguese painter, Heitor Chichorro, illustrated both Portuguese and English editions.

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